We’re a typical impassioned business . . . began with sewing in Spring 2002, then began dyeing silk fabrics in 2003. We launched our website and first product lines just months later in Spring 2004. We hope you’ll come visit us soon online at www.fairycove.com - it's quite fun to select a special piece of silk you' would like to own, or give as a gift.

As Fairy Cove Silks has grown, we’ve ever continued to expanded to offer a wide array of complete services, including: complete line of childrens silk toy products, unique inventories of premium belly dance veils, in-house produced silk dance costumes and childrens play products, interior design consulting complete with custom dyeing services, contracted production work, the importation and sewing of silk scarves, garments and combined fabrics.

Visit us at our Fairy Cove Silks website!